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Is your family prepared for emergencies resulting in a loss of power to your home? Without a home generator, you may be left in the dark. Here’s what you need to know about home backup generators and what they can do for your family during emergencies.

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Maintenance, inspections, upgrades and installations in Reno, NV

Our superior customer service doesn’t end with installation. As certified experts in generator maintenance, Corbin Electrical Services, Inc. offers preventative maintenance programs, which allow our skilled technicians to ensure your generator’s reliability during utility power outages. Our maintenance agreements are also the avenue to diagnosing problems before they begin, as simple adjustments or parts replacements can prevent issues later on. Our maintenance agreement customers also take advantage of:

  • Priority scheduling
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance visits
  • The expertise of our factory-certified mechanics
  • Servicing by a Factory Authorized Power Pro Premier Dealer, Generac’s highest level of service.

Professional Installation of home generators is your key to safety ! in Reno, NV

All pieces of electric equipment should be installed by a qualified electrician. Period! This is a serious business and people can get hurt and property damaged. Please don’t take a chance with your safety (or the safety of others), it is just not worth the consequences.

Find a qualified electrician that HAS experience installing this type of equipment. Some generator retailers can help you with references to an electrician in your area. Some local electricians also sell complete generator packages including installation. Be sure you know exactly what you are buying, ask lots of questions, and get a written estimate that details exactly what you are purchasing, including products (generator, cart, pad, switches, etc,) installation of products, and any ongoing maintenance services.

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